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by Greed
Released 08 Apr 2016
Label Slime Recordings
Greed returns to Slime with another sublime slice of deep garage in the form of the ‘Arcane’ EP. The Australian producer is showing increasing confidence in the technicality of his work, both in garage and D&B as Inmost.

‘Arcane’ drifts in on subtle chords and a looping male vocal, before unravelling the melody expertly across skittering percussion and warm bass pads. Extrapolating the sensibility of the first track with his VIP mix of recent hit ‘Burning’, he creates a melancholy odyssey through deep, cavernous bass and glittering atmospherics for an experience you just won’t want to end. Label mate Blackboxx steps up on remix duties to twist the latter track into a soulful, jazz-infused roller, complete with saxophone stabs and echoing guitar licks.

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • UPC 5055946758251
  • Catalogue Number SLM158
  • Format EP
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Arcane"  UK6821402266 3:52
2. "Burning VIP"  UK6821402267 6:09
3. "Burning Blackboxx Mix"  UK6821402268 5:11





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