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Copy and paste the code below into your artist page:

{{Infobox musical artist 
| name                = 
| image               = 
| image_size          = 240px
| landscape           =  
| alt                 = 
| caption             = 
| background          = 
| origin              = 
| genre               = 
| occupation          = 
| instrument          = 
| years_active        = 
| label               = 
| associated_acts     =
| website             = 
| twitter_handle    =
| current_members = 






==External Links==

{{Authority control|ISNI=}}

Infobox Tips


The musical artist should be placed into one of seven categories by using one of the codes below in the background field. Each category is colour-coded to provide a quick indication of the type of group/performer, e.g. solo artist, orchestra, etc. The colour scheme is similar to the one used by WikiProject Albums and other projects. Please discuss additional types that need to be accounted for on the template's talk page. This field is mandatory.


Code Display
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Singular vocal performers (including lead and background singers, singer-songwriters, and singer-instrumentalists). This categorization is for any article about a singer, whether they perform solo, with a group or band, or both.
Non-vocal instrumentalists.
Composers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, DJs, engineers, and other non-performing personnel.
Groups, bands, crews, or other non-classical music ensembles. This categorization is for articles on group acts only; members of groups should be labeled with one of the codes above.
Orchestras and other classical music ensembles.
Temporary collaborative projects.

Other values (e.g. "jazz trumpeter") must not be used.

Pages with invalid value in |background= can be found in Category:Infobox musical artist with missing or invalid Background field.