Skatta / Alight

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Skatta / Alight
EP by J:Kenzo
Released 01/04/2016
Label Cosmic Bridge Records

Cosmic Bridge Records welcomes J:Kenzo for a double dose of jungle nostalgia viewed through the lens of its recent renaissance.

On ’Skatta’ b/w ‘Alight’, the British producer returns to the sound he first embraced as a teenager by infusing the basics of jungle — cut up breaks, layered pads, and vocal samples from the never-ending trove of Jamaica’s music history — with modern techniques and a healthy dose of low end.

The A-side beings with a throwback, uplifting intro that promptly fades into a tough dancehall-inspired rhythm flourished with shards of breakbeats, catchy chants, and sirens echoing into the darkest corners of the club. J:Kenzo keeps the energy high with scatterings of percussion that play against the distinct bass line melodies. Flip over and watch him set the dance alight with a subtle exercise in junglistic rollage, four minutes of uncompromising break extravagance, tight edits, and pulsing bass that take no prisoners. J:Kenzo treats the classic sound with a reverent approach without being afraid to twist it up. “This release is my ode to 1990s jungle,” he admits.

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Skatta"  GB32M1601601 00:04:12
2. "Alight"  GB32M1601602 00:04:39


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