Soul Afrika Rekords

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Soul Afrika Rekords
Soul afrika rekords.jpg
Founded 2009
Founder Clerment Sefojane
Distributor(s) AMAdea Music / The state51 Conspiracy
Genre House, Lounge, Nu Jazz, Hip Hop
Country of origin South Africa
Official website Soul Afrika Rekords


Established in 2009 a South African digital label that was started by Clerment Sefojane, who goes by the alias MC Sfoj. Clerment saw potential from artists and musicians from within his hometown and created a platform for inspiring talent. With hip hop, jazz and the sub genre house music, Soul Afrika Rekords builds a conglomerate of next generation established and up and coming artists.

Additional Label Info

Searching for quality material and fresh new sounds locally, and on social media. Under the Soul Shift Music imprint, Soul Afrika Rekords follows major label practices while focusing equally on consumers and DJ's.

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  • House
  • Lounge
  • Nu Jazz
  • Hip Hop

Selected Artists

  • MC Sfoj
  • The Double Impact
  • Nova
  • Hits Gruve-MAW
  • Jack
  • Deeprebel
  • Deep'End Soul

Selected Press

  • Local DJ support
  • Internet radio and Podcast support from Electronic Dance Music stations
  • FM Radio 93.7 The Voice Of Harlem, New York
  • DJ Pools for early bird feedback and support

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