Spin Force Records

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Spin Force Records
Spin force logo white square 1000x.jpg
Founded 2016
Founder Jaime Vazquez
Distributor(s) AMAdea Music / The state51 Conspiracy
Genre Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronica, Dub, Bass, Sound System
Country of origin United Kingdom


Spin Force Records is a high-quality indie label, owned by Jaime Vazquez. Jaime Vazquez is a former music producer/sound engineer. His previous experience includes the successful launch of several labels. This one is going to be dedicated to the Spanish Hip-Hop and Reggae fans. Jaime Vazquez hopes that his influence on the Spanish scene with his previous successful projects will help him with this label, as well.

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  • Reggae
  • Hip Hop
  • Electronica
  • Dub
  • Bass
  • Sound System

Selected Artists

  • Sergiote
  • Dub Troubles
  • Priteo

Release Schedule

  • February 6th 2017: Guiyo - Woman (8 tracks Album)
  • May 15th 2017: Priteo and Dub Troubles (10 Tracks Album)

Selected Press

  • Supported by a number of local radio stations, such as Radio 3, National Spanish Radio (on the show Alma de leon)
  • Martketing and promotion via Do the reggae, Alma de leon, La hora Rasta, La concha Reggae Radio, Control Tower, etc.

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