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Flesh cover art
by Robert Logan
ReleasedSeptember 25th, 2015
GenreElectronic, Ambient
LabelSlowfoot Records
ProducerRobert Logan

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‘Flesh’ is Robert Logan’s third full-length album and sees him further develop his idiosyncratic sound whilst continuing to open up new possibilities within the field of electronic music. As ever, Logan’s methodology is rooted in an obsessive desire to push the technology at his disposal to the limit – all his sounds are created from scratch or are created by deconstructing found sounds and acoustic instruments through extreme digital processes. Moreover, most of the album is composed using quarter tones, an experiment which is most in evidence on tracks that feature contributions from Andy Knight [Emporor’s New Clothes] on pocket trumpet.

Other contributors include Sarah Sarhandi on viola and drummer Frank Byng [Snorkel, Prescott] who guests on the first three tracks and is a nod to his live band set up. This contrast between ‘live’ instrumentation and his own digital methods taps into some of the themes that Logan is exploring in the music and that give the album its title – ideas about flesh and spirit, technology and nature, mind and matter.

Critical Reception

"The album's velocity has the stability of a high-wire walker, but despite outbreaks to the contrary, Logan's ammunition isn't stuck on autofire. Methodical pincer movements puncture sceneries like balloons, and Logan layers technology like a game of skyscraper-high Jenga ('Photovoltaics')… …Logan is out for his pound of 'Flesh', and once again comes back quids in. 8/10" [Clash]

"The album veers between mutant dubstep [Viker Raver] and sledgehammer techno [Straighten], heading into otherworldly, blissed-out opiate moments via analogue alien oddness. Typical of any really good trip, it's really difficult to define. 9/10" [DJ Magazine]

'Flesh, his third album, a musical object so radical and daring it seems not to belong to his time.' [Trax]

"meticulously produced, methodical and brilliant." [Igloo Magazine]

"Flesh is like a lot of things, and yet it has a personality, a usefulness, a quality all to itself. Recommended." [Louder Than War]

"If you haven’t heard his work yet, you’re in for a treat." [Space and Sound]

"Flesh exemplifies a conspicuous degree of confidence and assurance. What's particularly noteworthy is that, although the hour-long collection draws upon myriad styles, among them IDM, funk, folk, classical, and electronica, Logan fuses them fluidly such that no one style asserts itself to the exclusion of others." [Textura]

"…a challenging but ultimately rewarding listen; initially jolting yet meditative, the shadows it creates lure you into an all-encompassing world of unsettling dreams and hallucinogenic scenes. This is uncomfortable in a manner that intrigues and delights as much as it scares – go on, I dare you." [Digital Fix]

Product Information

  • Barcode: 5060039070349
  • Catalogue Number: SLOCD026
  • Format: Album
  • Sound Carrier: Digital

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Robert Logan unless stated. 

No. TitleWriter(s)ISRC Length
1. "Spirit Wars"  Robert Logan, Frank Byng, Sarah Sarhandi, Andy KnightGBGNZ1500192 7.18
2. "Phrack"  Robert Logan, Frank ByngGBGNZ1500193 5.08
3. "Viker Raver"  Robert Logan, Frank ByngGBGNZ1500194 4.46
4. "Lenticel"   GBGNZ1500195 2.14
5. "Vespine Domain"   GBGNZ1500196 4.48
6. "Solanoid"   GBGNZ1500197 8.19
7. "Goose Chatter"   GBGNZ1500198 3.27
8. "Straighten"   GBGNZ1500199 4.54
9. "Dendrite"  Robert Logan, Andy KnightGBGNZ1500200 1.53
10. "Playground"   GBGNZ1500201 4.37
11. "Photovoltaics"   GBGNZ1500202 4.31
12. "Cyborg Horn"  Robert Logan, Andy KnightGBGNZ1500203 2.15
13. "Glad Centipede"   GBGNZ1500204 5.06
14. "Transfigure"   GBGNZ1500205 3.43
Total length:



Additional Performers

  • Andy Knight - Pocket trumpet on tracks 1, 9, 12, and 13
  • Sarah Sarhandi - Viola on track 1
  • Andrea Black - Vocal elements on tracks 1, and 3



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