Flesh Decomposed

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Flesh Decomposed
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Flesh Decomposed cover art
Studio album by Robert Logan
Released20th May, 2016
GenreElectronic, Ambient
LabelSlowfoot Records
ProducerRobert Logan

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Composer and producer Robert Logan burst onto the scene aged 19 with his stunning debut album [Cognessence - 2007] to a flurry of rave reviews and favourable comparisons to some of the giants of electronic music, Autechre, Massive Attack and Aphex Twin included. A couple of EP’s and a second album [Inscape - 2009] followed to further acclaim after which Logan diverted his attention for a while to his blossoming career composing music for film and TV whilst continuing to contribute his much admired skills as a producer to projects with the likes of Grace Jones, Brigitte Fontaine and more recently Skye [Morcheeba] as heard on her recent album.

Last year saw him re-emerge under his own name with the dazzling new ‘Extasis EP’ and an album ‘Flesh’ “…a musical object so radical and daring it seems not to belong to his time.” [Trax]. ‘Flesh Decomposed’ is his 4th album and coincides with the release of two albums which are the fruits of his long term collaboration with ambient god-father Steve Roach [‘Biosonic’ and ‘Second Nature’].

Taking the final subdued moments of 'Flesh' as a starting point, 'Flesh Decomposed' comprises of new ambient explorations of the many moods and textures only glimpsed at in the previous recording. Created during the sessions for 'Flesh' until the present day and constructed from custom digital and analog processes, the recording attempts a fresh and at times confrontational approach to ambient music. Primitive source materials and stark acoustic frequencies are 'rotted' into new and evocative forms, and layered crystalline structures aged to sound like barely remembered music. Spontaneity and chance are allowed a larger breathing space in this collection, with trumpeter Andy Knight given a wider timeframe to roam [‘Four Wheels’], and the return of Logan's father on violin on the expansive ‘Tri’, but the corrosive weathering of the sonics within the eight soundscapes is equally managed to an exceptional degree of sonic detail.

'Flesh Decomposed' is visual and hallucinogenic, exploring a range of unusual atmospheres and emotions - from the strange sense of memory invoked in a long forgotten object in the dusty 'Older Jug' - to lively pulse of fleshy life contained in the musical squirms of 'Larval Therapy' - and most of all throughout hints towards a kind of beauty, most clearly unveiled in the final track 'Wind' - which seeks the ghost that has long since left the shell.

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • Barcode: 5060039070356
  • Catalogue Number: SLODL029
  • Format: Album
  • Sound Carrier: Digital

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Robert Logan

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Older Jug"  GBGNZ1400207 4.40
2. "Throne"  GBGNZ1400208 6.15
3. "Four Wheels"  GBGNZ1400209 10.28
4. "White Hole"  GBGNZ1400210 4.52
5. "Tri"  GBGNZ1400211 6.39
6. "Dark Farm"  GBGNZ1400212 2.39
7. "Larval Therapy"  GBGNZ1400213 3.58
8. "Wind"  GBGNZ1400214 6.59
Total length:



Additional Performers

  • Andy Knight - Trumpet on track 3
  • Francis Logan - Violin on track 5



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