Human Hair

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Human Hair
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GenresIndie rock
Years active2008–present
LabelsThe state51 Conspiracy, Sex Is Disgusting
Associated actsLovvers, Throats, Dignan Porch, Claw Marks
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Human Hair are a British London quintet led by Jack Lenton and comprised of members of Lovvers, Throats, Dignan Porch and Claw Marks. Their debut album ‘My Life as a Beast and Lowly Form’ was release on 23 June 2014 via The state51 Conspiracy.


Human Hair have existed in one form or another since 2008.

Since their first incarnation, they've had 3 different drummers and added a bass player. The only constants have been vocalist Jack Lenton and guitarist Henry Withers. Withers also featured in Lovvers (Wichita), is the co-founder of Homerton recording studio Sound Savers and grew up in the Transcendental Meditation community in Skelmersdale.

Lenton and Withers sit on opposite ends of the musical spectrum; Lenton influenced by Nick Cave, Swans and esoteric soundtracks with Withers looking to Pavement, The Fall and simple, no blues notes. The push and pull between them defines the band.

Having only released a handful of 7"s and gigged sporadically over the course of 5 years, a new line-up solidified in 2013 and a more cohesive unit began to form.

Their debut album followed. It was recorded by Ben Phillips at Lightship 95, on a boat on the Thames, and mastered by the legendary Alan Douches (Sufjan Stevens, Owen Pallet, The Rapture) in New York. Withers and Lenton were joined by Thom Sadler (ex Throats, Claw Marks) on bass, Jordan Hayward and Joseph Walsh, aka Dignan Porch, (Captured Tracks) on guitar.

My Life as a Beast and Lowly Form (album), was released on June 23rd by The state51 Conspiracy.

Influenced by writers Frank Stanford, JG Ballard, Ted Hughes and Alan Moore, Lenton's lyrics on 'My Life as a Beast and Lowly Form' speak of animalistic tendencies toward the base things in life: drink, sleeping all day and primal urges.

The five-piece boast an energetic and spectacular live act and have played with White Denim, Abe Vigoda and Times New Viking.


Human Hair



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