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MetaQuorum was founded in March 2014 by Dmitry Ermakov. Based in the North Pennines, UK, MetaQuorum brings together two seasoned musicians with a passion for their craft. Refusing to be pigeonholed into any one genre, MetaQuorum melds a variety of styles from Funk through Hip-Hop to Rock to create unforgettable music landscapes. The result?

“[...] definitely belongs to the electronic realm. […] Powerfully energetic tracks with a strong, melodic bass laid over a robust rhythm matrix with a funky flavour. Against this background, the keys ring out, sustained and skilful.” Leonid Auskeri, jazz-kvadrat, 18 February, 2015. Press

Début album Midnight Sun

MetaQuorum’s début album, Midnight Sun, (produced by Ermakov, mixed and mastered by Ed Lopez at Loft Music Studios, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK), is a journey through progressive fusion, an organic blend of jazz, funk, rock, reggae, baroque, electronica and more, with a cool, foot-tapping swing which makes the room buzz. The complex polyphony, riffs, quirky piano and synth solos, upbeat drums and occasional roaring guitar reflect Ermakov’s joie de vivre as well as his influences, which include: Miles Davies, Marcus Miller, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Weather Report, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Kraftwerk, Yello, King Crimson, Chicago, Vivaldi, Frescobaldi, Mozart and Rachmaninoff.

Current Projects

MetaQuorum is currently recording and producing their second album Witchcraft Jazz due to be released in 2017.


- Meld: Funk/Prog-Rock/Jazz/Electronica/Hip-Hop – Fusion

Band Members

Dmitry Ermakovkeys, vocals, composition, lyrics, arranger, producer:

Ermakov was trained in classical music and jazz from the age of six. Before immigrating to the UK, he gigged and recorded with his own bands Panika and FoxBox and with various musicians in the Soviet/Russian underground scene such as Yury Morozov, Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky etc., as well as composing/recording for Lenfilm cinema studios and theatre.

Koos van der Veldedrums, percussion, audio engineering:

Koos van der Velde took to drums at the age of six. In the early years he played with Frisian metal group Lunacy, later going on to join jazz-core band Megakronkel, with whom he toured extensively. Over the last 25 years, Koos has gigged and recorded for a variety of bands and artists from all over the world.

Carol Ermakovavocals:

Carol ‘the voice from Fairyland’ joined MetaQuorum in summer 2015 for their first song, Migration (to be released May 2016).


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Chicken & Egg (October 2016) Spotify

The Piper & The Frog (June 2016) Spotify

North Sea Fret (Remastered) (June 2106) iTunes

Migration (May 2016) Spotify

Jonathan Livingston (May 2016) Official Video

North Sea Fret (2015) Official Video


Cream of the Summer 2016 (Compilation EP) Spotify

Midnight Sun (Remastered) [2016] Spotify

Midnight Sun (2015) Spotify


“MetaQuorum are an instrumental local outfit featuring members Dmitry Ermakov (who was once a big noise on the Russian underground scene before emigrating to the UK) and Dutch drummer Koos van der Velde. Their debut album is a splendid amalgamation of styles, featuring cosmic jazz rushes, cocktail hour riffs and psyched synths. It’s not afraid to get its funk on either and if you can imagine Herbie Hancock getting ready for a big night out – browsing through his wardrobe, wanting to look sharp – then this is what he’s playing to put him in the mood.”

The Crack, April 2015 issue

“Drawing on inspiration from artists as diverse as Miles Davis, Kraftwek and Led Zeppelin, ‘Midnight Sun’ is as experimental as any “structural fusion” you’re likely to encounter.”

Bill Buckley, SoulandJazzandFunk, 14 April, 2015

“…the new album from MetaQuorum is a real mind bender. Marrying a host of influences that you wouldn’t expect to blend, the LP is a great example of what creative minds can do when working at a high level.

… this album is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for people who like to know what to expect from their music. Instead, think of it as an album for the adventurous. It’s certainly the first of its kind to have been brought to our attention this year, and it will likely be the last.

Catchy, funky, rhythmic and at the same time extremely off-kilter, this is original in the best ways.”


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