Monkey Puzzle Trio

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Monkey Puzzle Trio
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Monkey Puzzle Trio in 2010
Background information
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OriginLondon, United Kingdom
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GenresImprov, Jazz, Experimental
Years active2010 - Present
LabelsSlowfoot Records

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Monkey Puzzle Trio is a slowly evolving experimental music project featuring This Heat drummer/lynchpin Charles Hayward, Pinski Zoo and Crackle bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas and the words, voice and textures of avant-vocalist Viv Corringham, whose music walks a tightrope between song, improvisation and sound-as-sound. “We are making new song forms based on live improvisation. Every song is created in the actual moment of performance.” [V.C]

Together they create a distinctive sound world which is exhilarating and immersive and relies fully on the sensitivity and experience of all three musicians. They released their debut album White World through Slowfoot Records in 2010, and their second album The Pattern Familiar in 2014. This second release saw the line up augmented by a horn section, featuring Doyne-Ditmas (cornet, flugelhorn, slide trumpet, euphonium), Rob Mills (saxes), Tom Scott (saxes) and Tom Marriott (trombone).

Charles Hayward has been a prolific force in the South London experimental scene ever since the fragmentation of the iconic group This Heat, working with artists such as Thurston Moore, Camberwell Now, Massacre, Hot Chip and many more. Nick Doyne-Ditmas made a name for himself with avant-jazzers Pinski Zoo, also collaborating with Hayward on many projects in the years since, including the two albums My Secret Alphabet and Where Is Chaos Now. A recent project has been Crackle, a two piece with Snorkel drummer Frank Byng. Viv Corringham is an acclaimed British vocalist and artist currently based in New York, whose installations, performances and sound walks have been exhibited around the world, collaborating with the likes of Didier Petit, Milo Fine and Pauline Oliveros.

"When this particular threesome converges, the result is a music that only exists as a very particular collision. The roots of their soundscapes are inextricably entwined with the German avant-groove combo Can, producer Adrian Sherwood's output and The Slits, in their dubbier incarnation." [Martin Longley 2010 [1]]




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