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Oren Marshall
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Oren Marshall performing live in 2007
Background information
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OriginGeneva, Switzerland
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GenresJazz, World, Classical
Years active1982 - Present
LabelsSlowfoot Records
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Oren Marshall is a pioneering player of acoustic and electric tuba who, crossing between classical, jazz, improvised and world musics, has collaborated with a wide variety of talent, from the likes of Derek Bailey, Keith Tippet and Evan Parker, on the one hand, to The Pan-African Orchestra and The London Philharmonic on the other. More recently he has been providing low frequencies to forward thinking groups like Sons Of Kemet, The Grip, Big Air and This Is Not This Heat.

As a solo artist, Oren continues to explore strategies for extending the tonal range of the tuba and opening up a new vocabulary for his instrument. This groundbreaking solo work led to a nomination for the BBC Innovation in Jazz award with his composition Introduction to the Story of Spedy Sponda; pt1: In a Silent Room. Intended as a composition in five parts, Spedy Sponda provides a matrix for Oren's continuing development of possibilities for solo acoustic/electric tuba.

Recently a new incarnation of his group The Charming Transport Band has been performing and recording, bringing together musicians from West Africa and from the jazz and improv scenes. He released his debut album Time Spent At Traffic Lights on Slowfoot Records in 2003, performing with The Charming Transport Band. He released a follow-up on the same label, Introduction To The Story Of Spedy Sponda in 2004, which was nominated for a BBC Innovation in Jazz award.




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