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Phall Fatale
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Phall Fatale performing in 2010
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GenresJazz, Experimental pop, Electronic
Years active2008 - Present
LabelsSlowfoot Records
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Phall Fatale are an Experimental pop/Jazz group, formed in Switzerland in 2008. The band consists of Joana Aderi, (vocals, keyboard, electronics), Joy Frempong, (vocals, keyboard, electronics), John Edwards, (double-bass), Daniel Sailer, (double-bass, devices), Fredy Studer, (drums, percussion). They released their debut album Charcoal On Fire in 2012, and followed up with Moonlit Bang Bang, released in 2016 on Slowfoot Records. Their music is produced by Roli Mosimann.

All of Phall Fatale's members are involved with other music projects, both as solo and group members. Notably, Mossiman (essentially the sixth member of the band) was an early member of Swans, and has worked with artists such as JG Thirlwell, Faith No More, and New Order.

Phall Fatale's unusual line up occured by accident. Studer, Frempong and Aderi initially formed and intended to recruit a bass guitarist and lead guitarist. After auditioning Edwards and Sailer, (and finding that they could not agree on which of the two to choose for their bassist) they decided to add both bassists to the band in lieu of a lead guitarist.

"Phall" comes from the hot curry of the same name, while "Fatale" comes from the term Femme fatale.


  • Charcoal On Fire (2012)


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