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Play Cue Recordings was founded in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2013 by the duo Fashion Cue (Raul Sanchez & Airam Dominguez). The label mainly focuses on Deep House & Techno House music.

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  • Deep House
  • Tech House

Selected Artists

  • Aren Suarez
  • Fahion Cue
  • Alex Kaddur
  • Robert Garcia

Selected Press

  • Support from Aren Suarez, Dany Cohiba, Ernesto Deep, Victor Polo, Gamero Brown, Ezequiel Asencio, Robert Garcia, Ricardo Espino
  • Featured in some local Spanish magazines
  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, DJ Barometer, Vip Last promotion of the different artists; Promotions on Radio Shows

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