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Steven James Adams is a British musician who co-founded Broken Family Band and Singing Adams.[1] In 2014 he released House Music (album), his first solo album.

Adams has also written for The Guardian,[2] and The Times newspapers, as well as for The Stool Pigeon music paper.

He was commissioned by The Today Programme in 2006 to write a song commemorating the show broadcasting from Glastonbury Festival and then again in 2008 for a Christmas song. In the the same year was commissioned to write a song for BBC Radio 3's The Verb.[3].


Steven James Adams

as Singing Adams

  • Everybody Friends Now (4 April 2011), Records Records Records
  • Moves (10 December 2012), Records Records Records

in Broken Family Band

  • Please and Thank You (April 2009), Cooking Vinyl
  • Hello Love (July 2007), Track & Field
  • Balls (February 2006), Track & Field
  • Welcome Home, Loser (February 2005), Track & Field
  • Cold Water Songs (June 2003), Snowstorm Records


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