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Library Music
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The Advisory Circle
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GenresElectronic Music
Library Music
Years active2005 – present
LabelsGhost Box Records
Associated actsThe Pattern Forms
Jon Brooks
The Belbury Circle
HintermassBelbury Poly
The Focus Group>
Pye Corner Audio
WebsiteGhost Box Music

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The Advisory Circle is the work of Jon Brooks, melodic and often melancholic electronic music inspired in part by library music of the 70s and 80s.

Brooks is a stalwart of the Ghost Box label and an extraordinarily prolific artist. He has released five albums and four collaborative singles as The Advisory Circle. He is also records as The Pattern Forms with Ed Macfarlane and Edd Gibson of Friendly Fires. He works with vocalist Tim Felton as Hintermass, and along with Ghost Box founder Jim Jupp he is half of The Belbury Circle. Under his own name and several pseudonyms, he has released albums on Clay Pipe Music and his own Café Kaput label. Before joining the Ghost Box family in the early 00s Brooks recorded for Lo Records as King of Woolworths.

As a producer and mastering engineer, Brooks is a contributing presence on most Ghost Box releases. He has years of experience as a commercial and library composer and his mastering and audio restoration skills are much in demand, particularly on re-issue labels such as Trunk Records.

His professional recording career career began in the 1990s under the name of King of Woolworths. Since then time he’s also released a wealth of material under his own name (and as D.D. Denham and Georges Vert) on his own Café Kaput label and other labels. He also records with several collaborative projects for Ghost Box including The Belbury Circle, Hintermass and The Pattern Forms. His mixing and mastering skills are much sought after and he is responsible for some of the more challenging sonic restoration work for the re-issue label, Trunk Records.

Press Quotes

Brooks conjures up a mood of eerie counter-factual sci-fi dread for a parallel 70s Britain of military coups, Post Office mind-control and communist exercise videos.

… Boards Of Canada style meldings of the cosmic and the rustic.

With their time-shifting transmitters and lost-world logo-tones, The Advisory Circle have always represented the purest expression of the Ghost Box sound... Fascinating stuff.

Imitators and lesser practitioners now abound in this expanding world, and it's no longer enough for anyone to simply stitch together the familiar tropes to merit attention. Brooks, though, stands out by dint of a nimble melodic touch, compositional sophistication and a broader historical frame of references.
Record Collector

In the hands of artists such as The Advisory Circle, the past continues to stretch off into a multitude of futures.

…earnest electronics and broadwinged optimism get surprisingly deep under the skin.
The Wire

slightly angular analogue synths and a summer haze of voices benignly conspiring to produce a convivial uneasy listening.


As Title Format Catalogue Number
The Advisory Circle Mind How You Go (2005) 3" CD-EP GBX006
The Advisory Circle Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) (2010) CD/LP GBX013
The Advisory Circle As The Crow Flies (2011) CD/LP GBX015
The Advisory Circle From Out Here (2014) CD/LP GBX021
Various artists In a Moment... Ghost Box (2015) CD/LP GBX022

Seven Inch & Download Singles

As Title Catalogue Number
The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong in the 60s Study Series 02: Cycles and Seasons (2010) GBX702
Pye Corner Audio with The Advisory Circle Study Series 07: Autumnal Activities (2011) GBX707
Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle Study Series 08: Inversions (2012) GBX708
The Advisory Circle "From Out Here" (2014) GBX021
The Advisory Circle "Ways of Seeing" (2018) GBX031

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