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Liverpool bluesman Dom Newton’s music is a bizarre melange of old school blues and gospel, primitive garage rock, horrorpunk and psychedelic surrealism. Influenced by Howlin’ Wolf, Black Sabbath, The Cramps, The Sonics, Link Wray, The White Stripes, The Mighty Boosh and the writings of Julian Cope his refusal to compromise his misguided vision has led to little recognition during his lifetime. During one of his frequent mentally fragile periods he recorded and performed an album in the character of an 1890s Apocalyptic, Mississippi preacher which culminated in the infamous coffin gig of 2006.

See footage here:

[Coffin Gig]

A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, bandleader and a veteran of hundreds of gigs and blues festivals Newton continued to wrestle with his elusive muse with The Halloween Ball of 2011.

‘Bedecked in red bishops robes, inspired by the diabolical portrayal of Cardinal Richelau in Ken Russell’s histrionic horror classic The Devils, Newton deals in The Devil’s Music, formulated by Robert Johnson and carried on the generations by successions of bluesman including Keith Richards and Jimmy Page. Renounced by many musicians, only for it to keep calling them back, Newton had the same charismatic pull over the audience.’

[Halloween Ball Review]

Newton's other themed concepts have included Malice in Wonderland (see review below)

[Get Into This Review]

Atlantis and Barrington Fanshawe: Man of God, at the Epstein theatre in which Newton portrayed a gay, Victorian, vampire-hunting vicar.(See trailer below)

[Man of God Grindhouse Trailer]

Newton has collaborated with film director Jamie McAleny (Liverpool Live TV supremo)on a number of surreal music videos which include: The Grim Reaper [1] The Wicker Chair [2] and Satan is Coming (to the Christmas Party) [3] Under the alias of his comic character Geoffrey Bumfrey, Newton interviews and presents arts programmes for local station Liverpool Live TV. See Geoffrey Bumfrey here: [4]

He is currently (circa 2016) hosting Blues Gumbo YaYa (@domgumbo) at the Caledonia See Review here:[5] and Blues Explosion (@blues_explosion) at Constellations in an attempt to establish a blues scene in Liverpool.

Newton’s acceptance into the State51 stable is an attempt by his management and psychiatrist to rationalise a prolific output that saw him create 13 albums in 4 years. He continues to work feverishly on his ‘Holy Man Triptych’ and his Horror Punk Band, The Resurrection Men with vocalist Nick Fitzgerald and hopes one day to be recognised as an original artist and eccentric. He describes his own sound as,

‘A garage blues George Melly jamming with a special needs Black Sabbath tribute band and the ghost of Dick Dale with the Mighty Boosh on backing vocals locked in a haunted house.’

[You Tube]

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[6][Blues Gumbo YaYa at the Caledonia Feb 2016]

[7][Get into This(Liverpool Echo) Review of Malice in Wonderland 2012]

[8][Hallloween Ball @Leaf 2011]

[9][The Pilgrim 2011]