Whole Body Shakes

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Whole Body Shakes
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by Woodpigeon

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Whole Body Shakes is the first single taken from Canadian alt folk hero Woodpigeon's album released by WIAIWYA in the UK on 1st April.

Rich instrumentation and heartfelt vocals sit along side a crunchy baseline creating a captivating and thoroughly engaging listening experience.

The single features remixes by Iceland's Flex Arnason, DJ Yamano and Edmonton's Diamond Mind.

Product Information

  • UPC 5056052709892
  • Catalogue Number wiadl040b
  • Format Single
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Critical Reception

"...dirty bass line, bombastic piano and … something along the lines of a distorted loon call ambling its way through the reverbs of hope and sorrow" Gold Flake Paint

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Whole Body Shakes"  GBE4S1630101 4:18
2. "The Falling Tide (DJ Yamaho Remix)"  GBE4S1630102 5:29
3. "Whole Body Shakes (Flex Arnason Remix)"  GBE4S1630103 3:28
4. "Thumbtacks + Glue (Diamond Mind Remix)"  GBE4S1630104 3:51
5. "Whole Body Shakes (Demo)"  GBE4S1630105 2:24





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