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OriginLondon, UK
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Years active1999 (1999)–present
Tbilissi Recordings
Associated actsThe Leaf Library
MembersAlec Gregory
Andrew Newman
Andy Keen
Annie Tremp
Gareth Jones

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Wintergreen are a London-based avant pop band. Formed by founder members Andy Keen and Gareth Jones (also of The Leaf Library) in Manchester in 1999, they evolved over the next decade through the electronic-tinged indie pop of early singles The Magic Road and Clockwork Mice/Autumn Leaves, via a constantly a shifting live set involving laptops, drones, layered vocal samples, autoharps, accordions and assorted other noise-generating devices.

This phase of Wintergreen's history culminated in a headline slot on the church stage at the inaugural Indietracks festival in 2007, before a temporary retreat from live performance to build their own studio (Studio Klank in Wood Green, North London) where they recorded debut album The Rule of Small Things.



The Rule of Small Things SQUIRL002 (2016)


No Cymbals EP SQUIRL003 (2016)
Drag the Sheets EP SQUIRL004 (2016)


The Magic Road SQUIRL001 (2003)
Clockwork Mice/Autumn Leaves KURA012 (2005)


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