Artist and Contributor Categories

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When creating release pages, please include the role played by contributors. Please use one of the categories below when doing so.

Actor A Party who performs spoken word or mime.

Adapter An Author of adapted Lyrics of a MusicalWork. Note: The adapted Lyrics may or may not result in a new copyright Creation.

Architect A Designer of a building.

Arranger A modifier of musical components of a Work. Note: The arranged MusicalWork may or may not result in a new copyright Creation.

Artist A principal Contributor to a Performance of a MusicalWork or a NonMusicalWork that results in the creation of a Resource, or a principal creative Contributor to a Resource that is not a result of a Performance. Note: Used for naming groups as well as individuals.

AssociatedPerformer An Artist commonly associated with a Work as one of its Performers, and whose identity is only used for accurate Work identification.

Author A Creator of written or spoken words which form part of a Resource.

Band A group of individuals who perform vocally and/or instrumentally together.

Cartoonist A Creator of a cartoon.

Choir A group of Parties who perform vocally together. Typically, Choirs consist of at least 2 people in an combination of different vocal ranges.

Choreographer A Creator of a dance.

Composer A Creator of the musical elements of a MusicalWork.

ComposerLyricist A Creator that plays the roles of Composer and Lyricist of a MusicalWork.

ComputerGraphicCreator A Creator of a computer graphics.

Conductor A Party who leads or conducts a Performance by a group of musicians.

Contributor A Party contributing to the making of a Creation.

Dancer A Party who performs a dance.

Designer A Creator of a design.

Director A Party who leads or supervises actors, e.g. in the prodution of a movie.

Ensemble A group of two or more Parties performing a MusicalWork together. Note: An Ensemble may be of any size or any grouping of Performers from a vocal duo to a full orchestra.

FeaturedArtist A Party who is not the MainArtist but is acknowledged as a significant Contributor to the Performance. Note: FeaturedArtists are often MainArtists on their own Resources. They are also frequently credited on marketing material using the term 'featuring ...'.

FilmDirector A Director of a movie.

GraphicArtist A Creator of a drawing.

GraphicDesigner A Designer of graphical elements.

Journalist A Creator of an article for a magazine or a newspaper.

Librettist A Creator of a libretto.

Lyricist A Creator of the Lyrics of a MusicalWork.

MainArtist A Party who is a principal credited Artist for a Resource.

MixingEngineer A SoundEngineer adjusting and combining individual StudioTracks of a Recording in the production of a completed mix.

Narrator A Party who tells a story or gives an account of an event.

NonLyricAuthor A Creator of written or spoken words other than Lyrics.

Orchestra A large group of Parties performing a MusicalWork together, predominantly using musical instruments rather than voice. An Orchestra is typically led by a Conductor.

OriginalPublisher A Party which has acquired, from a Creator, Rights in a Creation for a specified Territory and Period.

Painter A Creator of a painting.

Photographer A Creator of a photograph.

PhotographyDirector A Director of responsible for photography.

Playwright A Creator of a stageplay.

PrimaryMusician A Party who performs a MusicalWork either vocally or instrumentally and would be considered the principal Contributor for the piece.

Producer A Party responsible for an artistic input to the production of a Resource (e.g. a SoundRecording or audiovisual Recording).

Programmer A Creator of a computer program.

RemixingEngineer A SoundEngineer adjusting and combining individual StudioTracks of a Recording in the production of a mix that updates or re-imagines a prior Recording.

ScreenplayAuthor A Creator of a screenplay.

Soloist A Party who performs the featured Part of a MusicalWork (or a section of it) alone or with only supporting accompaniment.

SoundEngineer A Partythat is dealing with technical and creative aspects relating to sound.

StudioMusician A Party who performs a MusicalWork either vocally or instrumentally in a studio.

StudioPersonnel A Party who is employed in a studio and contributes to the making of a Resource.

SubArranger A Creator of arrangements made on behalf of a SubPublisher.

Translator A Party that translates Lyrics and/or Text from one Language into another. This is also known as sub-Lyricist.


UserDefined If none of the above categories apply, you can define your own.