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Fat Bird Recordings is a high-quality indie label, founded by reggae Singer Gorka Arenso aka George Palmer and Producer Jaime Vazquez aka Jimmie Dub Troubles. Jimmie Dub Troubles is a former music producer & sound engineer by S.S.R London, Uclan Universite Uk. Fat Bird Recordings its dedicated to the Digital Regga & Rub A Dub lovers allways promoting new talented young artist from around the world as Jamaica, Uk, Russia, Hawaii, France, spain... His previous experience includes the successful launch of several labels, night event promotion and live performance and radio shows broadcasting.

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  • Reggae
  • Digital Reggae
  • Rub a Dub
  • Dub
  • Digi Roots
  • Sound System
  • Early Dancehall

Selected Artists

  • Tenor Youthman
  • Dub Troubles
  • George Palmer
  • Likkle Jordee
  • Yeyo Perez
  • Toviga Love

Release Schedule

  • June 2017 Lo end Dub & George Palmer - Give me Your Love (4 tracks Ep)
  • Sep 2017: Pato Ranking - One Human (4 tracks Ep)

Selected Press

  • Supported by big names on the game as Vibration Lab, Ital Guidance, Fat Man Sound-System (Uk), King Hi Fi (France), Green light Sound system (Spain), High Smile Hi Fi (Switzerland).....
  • Supported by a number of global radio stations, such as Radio 3 National Spanish Radio (on the show Alma de leon radio show), Talawah (Fr). Sunday Vibes (Fr)....
  • Martketing and promotion via Do the reggae, Alma de leon, La hora Rasta, Control Tower, etc.

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