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| title1          = [[Drinking from the River]]
| title1          = [[Drinking From the River]]
| length1        = {{Duration|m=4|s=15}}
| length1        = {{Duration|m=4|s=15}}
| extra1= GB-9GM-14-00012
| extra1= GB-9GM-14-00012
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[[Steven James Adams]] - Producer<br>
[[Steven James Adams]] - Producer<br>
Neil Rogers - Producer<br>
Neil Rogers - Producer, Mixing Engineer<br>
Mixing Engineer - Neil Rogers<br>
Eric James - Mastering Engineer<br>
Mastering Engineer - Eric James<br>
== References ==
== References ==

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House Music
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Studio album by Steven James Adams
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2014 (2014-09-01)
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LabelThe state51 Conspiracy

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House Music is the debut solo album by Steven James Adams.

Critical Reception

The Guardian described House Music as an "outstanding solo debut," awarding the album 4/5.[1]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Steven James Adams

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Drinking From the River"  GB-9GM-14-00012 Script error: No such module "Error".
2. "How We Get Through"  GB-9GM-14-00013 Script error: No such module "Error".
3. "Man Down"  GB-9GM-14-00014 Script error: No such module "Error".
4. "Tears of Happiness"  GB-9GM-14-00015 Script error: No such module "Error".
5. "A Singer in a Band"  GB-9GM-14-00016 Script error: No such module "Error".
6. "I Can Change"  GB-9GM-14-00017 Script error: No such module "Error".
7. "The Volunteer"  GB-9GM-14-00018 Script error: No such module "Error".
8. "Fall off the Roof"  GB-9GM-14-00019 Script error: No such module "Error".
9. "Wandering Hands"  GB-9GM-14-00020 Script error: No such module "Error".
10. "Get Over Yourself"  GB-9GM-14-00021 Script error: No such module "Error".


Steven James Adams - Guitar, vocals
Emily Barker - Vocals
Steven Gilchrist - Drums
Martin Green - Accordion
Roger Illingworth - Saxophone
Gavin Johnson - Bass
Dan Mangan - Mellotron
Neil Rogers - Drums
Gillian Sandell - Vocals
John Smith - Guitar
Inge Thompson - Vocals
Russell Peterken - Guitar
Mark Phillips - Pedal Steel Guitar
Chad Young - Bass
Justin Young - Guitar
Michael Wood - Bass, keyboard, piano

Steven James Adams - Producer
Neil Rogers - Producer, Mixing Engineer
Eric James - Mastering Engineer