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FounderJosue Vargas Tejeda
Distributor(s)AMAdea Music / The state51 Conspiracy
GenrePsyTrance, Tech House, Techno, Deep House
Country of originMexico

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Melopea is an electronic music labe, established by Josue Vargas Tejeda in Michoacan, Mexico. The label is mainly focused on releasing pure tech, funk music from artists of Acapulco, supporting the local scene and the underground music.

Additional Label Info

Melopea cooperates with Speedsound Records from Brasil.

Links to Music


  • PsyTrance
  • Tech House
  • Techno
  • Deep House

Selected Artists

  • Nano Vector
  • Raul Techmal
  • Multinamic
  • Bazti
  • Corro
  • Feedboy

Selected Press

  • Melopea has been featured in webzines like, Periodico Digital, Michoacan local web portal and Soundspeed Records
  • DJ support by Nano Vector , Raul Techmal , Multinamic , Bazti, Corro, Feedboy, Speedsound Rec

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