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by Matthew Bourne
Released4 March 2016
GenreInstrumental / Avant Garde
Length61 Minutes
LabelThe Leaf Label
ProducerMatthew Bourne
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moogmemory is an album by Matthew Bourne released on CD, Vinyl and digitally on 4 March 2016.
The album was created entirely on a Moog Memorymoog instrument.


Moog is a regal breed of synthesisers that are slightly untamable, which is why we (musicians) love them. Always on the edge of boiling over; taming one’s Minimoog was like riding a wild mustang, and bringing it to heel. When the polyphonic Moog Memorymoog first appeared in 1982, it was like having a team of six mustangs pulling a stage coach, its power was thrilling, and everybody had better get off the road to let it through...

Its name was derived from the Apollo-era, onboard computer memory needed to save patches - once one had laboured with its 18 oscillators, modulation possibilities, and the gorgeous ‘Mooginess’ that lives within its filter circuits. The sheer amount of electronics under the hood of a Memorymoog made it literally pump out hot air; making her prone to pit stops and custom updates as the years went by.

I first met Matthew Bourne, a prodigious improvising pianist, who was fascinating to watch as he took that conventional instrument ‘off road’ in an emotional sweat. Post-gig, and still wild-eyed, he made a beeline for me, having heard that I also owned a Memorymoog. Matt was keen to compare notes, and to discuss the fact that he was having the Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM) conversion done to his (this is the Memorymoog equivalent of open heart surgery, which replaces 1,300 components over eight weeks of bench time, costing as much as a new machine). I immediately thought that Matt was insane. Some years later, moogmemory is Matt’s paean to this living, breathing machine. No other instruments are used on the album, and its capabilities are drawn out by this extremely empathetic musician: beautiful, brooding landscapes of thick impasto to translucent sunbursts; Dr Bob would be proud!

Graham Massey (808 State) November 2015

moogmemory is released as a CD and limited edition vinyl LP in an intricate embossed sleeve designed by visual artist Michael England. England will also be collaborating with Bourne on a UK tour to coincide with the release of moogmemory. Once described as a “graphic genius” by Creative Review, England will utilise an LZX analogue video synthesizer. More dates, including a very special London show, to be announced in the new year.

Critical Reception

Beautiful,brooding landscapes of thick impasto to translucent sunbursts; Dr Bob would be proud!” Graham Massey (808 State) November 2015[1]

The great thing about Matthew Bourne is that you never quite know what he’s going to do next, either in career terms or on the piece you’re listening to at the moment, and that, of course, means that you’ll always keep listening. It’s a great gift” Brian Morton

Matthew Bourne has something in common with the American iconoclast John Zorn, particularly in confronting listeners with the raw essence of musics★★★★ John Fordham, The Guardian

Deceptively devastatingStewart Lee, The Sunday Times

Astonishing… Bourne refuses to compromise his musicStuart Nicholson, Observer Music Monthly

Bourne’s music goes beyond the boundaries of improvised music and is something that is rare and exceptionalBBC Jazz Awards

...the compositions are soft, shimmering, and sparse, and many of them take a long time to gently unfold ... The album seems to come closer to the lineage of synthesizer innovators like Raymond Scott rather than most techno or ambient artists, even if there's a relaxed, meditative feel to a lot of these pieces, and it showcase's Bourne's skill for exploring the vast capabilities of his instrument.Paul Simpson - All Music Guide

moogmemory marks a glorious return4/5 Q

"Purely seductive… Expansive and immersive, the nine tracks give a sense of spinning slowly into space - and, for all the instrument's period charm, manage to sound not merely retro-futurist but genuinely fresh4/5 Jazzwise

"Matthew Bourne is both a strikingly talented jazz/improv musician and a boldly adventurous composer” 7/10 Uncut

"Substituting ivories for retro circuitry" Record Collector

A brave and rewarding left field adventure" 4/5 The Skinny

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Matthew Bourne

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (For Coral Evans)"  GBCKB1509301 (7:08)
2. "Alex"  GBCKB1509302 (6:47)
3. "Nils"  GBCKB1509303 (5:41)
4. "On Rivock Edge"  GBCKB1509304 (9:56)
5. "Sam"  GBCKB1509305 (4:36)
6. "Andrew"  GBCKB1509306 (4:08)
7. "Horn and Vellum"  GBCKB1509307 (6:51)
8. "Daniziel"  GBCKB1509308 (5:26)
9. "I Loved Her, Madly"  GBCKB1509309 (12:26)


Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne


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