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| label              = [[Post/Pop]]|[[The state51 Conspiracy]]
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| website            = http://nocarsmusic.com/
| website            = http://nocarsmusic.com/

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Background information
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No-u-ka means farmers. We are the first pop idol group who farm during the day and play music at night. At the gig we tell people ‘we came all the way from Japan just for tonight’, but some people genuinely think this is true. We are missing gig opportunities because of this. Shame.

We are 17 years old, since 2007. We are mostly Japanese girls, but one of us is a racoon. Someone once said we are a ‘Kill Bill-like band, fun, cute and mess’, but we are not sure if this is a compliment.



Artist name Album Label Year of Release Format
NO CARS Yoko Eats Whales The state51 Conspiracy 2011 CD, Digital
NO CARS Yoko Makes Tits Bigger with Airbrush 2014 CD, Digital
NO CARS Yoko Goes to Bollywood Post/Pop Records 2015 CD, Digital



Artist name Single Label Year of Release Format


External Links

NO CARS on Facebook
NO CARS on Instagram

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