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Nustromo Music
Founded 2019
Founder Alexey Radkin
Genre Breaks , House , Drum & Bass , Techno , Trance
Country of origin Russian Federation


- search for new performers and creation of a database - Attracting experienced musicians - active promotion of new artists on the radio and on the Internet - Focus on quality. - Investments in promo. - patience and responsibility Experience writing music, DJing and tracking trends - a huge range of performers - access to the world market. - flexibility of work. - the desire to develop a label

Additional Label Info

The main goal is - promoting high-quality music.

- search and promotion of young composers - I'm in music for 26 years. I want development. - Profit from sales.

Links to Music


  • Breaks
  • House
  • Drum & Bass
  • Techno
  • Trance

Selected Artists

  • Fabrice, Seven Moon, Fagidaze

Release Schedule

[NM001] Seven Moon - Spectrum [NM002] Seven Moon - Shine [NM003] Fabrice - Cybernetic [NM004] Fagidaze - Code 35

Selected Press

  • Supported by: Armin Van Buuren / Markus Schulz / Ronski Speed / Feel / Johan Vilborg and more.
  • We use in our arsenal an exclusively new and unique weapon of sales and promotion of music.
  • We work with middle class artists, but even if you have great ideas, there is a chance to get a place in the team.

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