Piney Gir

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Piney Gir
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Piney Gir (pronounced "gear"), often shortened to Piney, is an American musician and singer, born in Kansas but based in London, England since 1998. She has released six studio albums to date

Piney's musical style is predominately edgy indie-pop, although she has been described both as a musical “chameleon" and as “the indie Dolly Parton".



  • mR. hYDE'S wILD rIDE
  • Geronimo!
  • Jesus Wept
  • The Yearling
  • Hold Yer Horses
  • Peakahokahoo


  • Love Is A Christmas Rose
  • Everyday Witch
  • Outta Sight
  • 40 Days 'n' Nights


  • To Know You Is To Love You
  • Mouse of a Ghost / Tilt A Whirl - double A-side single
  • Gold Rules
  • Keep It Together
  • Ghost Of The Year
  • My Halloween
  • Every Day's A Holiday
  • Would You Be There
  • I'm Letting In The Sunshine
  • Stay Sweet
  • Oh Lies
  • Lucky Me
  • For The Love Of Others
  • Abelha: Bumblebee / Weeping Machine - double A-side single
  • Say I'm Sorry
  • Great Divide
  • I Don't Know Why I Feel Like Cryin' But I Do
  • Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye
  • Creature / Ruth Is Coming To America - double A-side single
  • Janet Schmanet / K.I.S.S.I.N.G - double A-side mini single


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