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She Makes War
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LabelsThe state51 Conspiracy
WebsiteShe Makes War

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She Makes War is Laura Kidd, a prolific Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist producing guitar driven gloom-pop.


She Makes War’s third studio album Direction of Travel was released on 8th April, on The state51 Conspiracy.

In addition to her previous two studio albums Disarm and Little Battles, she has released a number of EPs and live albums, directs her own music videos, presents regular online gigs for fans around the world and has toured extensively both in the UK and around Europe. [1]

She has also toured on bass and vocals for artists including Tricky, Viv Albertine, Lil’ Chris, The Penelopes and Alex Parks.

In 2015, Laura wrote and appeared in a one-woman show called "Sh*t Girlfriend" at Edinburgh Fringe. It was a blend of humorous spoken word and melancholy music; stories about life on the road and her ill-fated attempts at finding love along the way. Her show was described as 'a charming hour of biographical storytelling and music…perfectly executed acoustic gems' -The List [2]



Artist name Album Label Format
She Makes War Disarm (2010) CD, Download
She Makes War Little Battles (2012) My Big Sister CD, Cassette, Digital
She Makes War Rattlesnake Live (live album) (2013) Streaming
She Makes War Live at The Half Moon (2013) Streaming
She Makes War Live at The Islington (live album) (2013) Streaming
She Makes War Direction of Travel (2016) The state51 Conspiracy CD, Digital


Three...Two...One..., (2009)
Disarm: The Live EP, (2010)
The Butterflies Audiovisual (2013)
Disarm:15 (2015)


Let This Be (2010)
I Am (2010)
In This Boat (2012)
Drown Me Out (2016)


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