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==Product Information==
==Product Information==
All tunes contrived by NO CARS under Haruna's dictatorship
* '''Format''' CD
* '''Format''' CD

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Welcome to Yoko's Hot Spring
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ReleasedMay 11, 2018 (2018-05-11)
StudioSoup Studio
LabelThe state51 Conspiracy
ProducerSimon Trought

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Critical Reception

Product Information

  • Format CD
  • UPC 5060581178067
  • Catalogue Number CON219CD

  • Format Digital
  • UPC 5060581178036
  • Catalogue Number CON219D

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Fern! Fern! Fern!"  GB-9GM-18-00029 02:50
2. "Casio"  GB-9GM-18-00031 02:49
3. "Socks"  GB-9GM-18-00031 02:24
4. "Hula Hoop"  GB-9GM-18-00032 04:18
5. "Noroi"  GB-9GM-18-00033 01:01
6. "PMS"  GB-9GM-18-00034 02:49
7. "Goulash [working title]"  GB-9GM-18-00035 02:05
8. "Spring"  GB-9GM-18-00036 03:08
9. "Tiny Yellow Drops (bonus track)"  GB-9GM-18-00037 03:36


Haruna Komatsu: Guitar, vocals
Takaco: Bass, vocals
Tomoko Komura: Keys, vocals
Candy a.k.a Will Huckerby: Drums, vocals

Ray Hogan: Backing vocals

Produced by Simon Trought
Recorded at Soup Studio
Engineered by Giles Barrett

Artwork by Geraldine R. Montgomerie


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