Welcome to Yoko's Hot Spring

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Welcome to Yoko's Hot Spring
Released May 11, 2018 (2018-05-11)
Recorded 2017
Studio Soup Studio
Label The state51 Conspiracy
Producer Simon Trought

"Welcome to Yoko's hot spring.

Yoko springs well. She is so hot, too. Come around and experience it. You'll be healed with socks, hula hoops and Casio keyboards.”

Haruna Komatsu, NO CARS

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • Format CD
  • UPC 5060581178067
  • Catalogue Number CON219CD

  • Format Digital
  • UPC 5060581178036
  • Catalogue Number CON219D

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Fern! Fern! Fern!"  GB-9GM-18-00029 02:50
2. "Casio"  GB-9GM-18-00031 02:49
3. "Socks"  GB-9GM-18-00031 02:24
4. "Hula Hoop"  GB-9GM-18-00032 04:18
5. "Noroi"  GB-9GM-18-00033 01:01
6. "PMS"  GB-9GM-18-00034 02:49
7. "Goulash [working title]"  GB-9GM-18-00035 02:05
8. "Spring"  GB-9GM-18-00036 03:08
9. "Tiny Yellow Drops (bonus track)"  GB-9GM-18-00037 03:36


Haruna Komatsu: Guitar, vocals
Takaco: Bass, vocals
Tomoko Komura: Keys, vocals
Candy a.k.a Will Huckerby: Drums, vocals

Ray Hogan: Backing vocals

Produced by Simon Trought
Recorded at Soup Studio
Engineered by Giles Barrett

Artwork by Geraldine R. Montgomerie


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